Support for wheelchair bound folks

Support for wheelchair bound folks

3 Ways Those With Multiple Sclerosis Can Benefit From Having A Home Carer

by Louise Harrison

Typical symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis, such as fatigue, a decline in balance and co-ordination and muscle weakness, can cause problems with mobility and impact your ability to remain independent. Using a home care service can allow you to continue enjoying life in your own home and do the things you love to do. Here's an overview of three ways those with multiple sclerosis can benefit from having a home carer:

Personal Hygiene

If you worry about losing your balance when getting in and out of the bath or shower, or if muscle weakness and fatigue make it difficult for you to carry out personal hygiene tasks, such as washing your hair or shaving, a home carer can be there to assist with personal hygiene to whatever extent you require. They can help you into the bath and leave you to wash yourself, or they can wash you and help you get dressed. You can decide what tasks you want help with.


Fatigue and muscle weakness can also impact your ability to prepare fresh, healthy meals. Do you find it difficult to chop vegetables, open food packaging, clean the kitchen after cooking or stand for any length of time when preparing a meal? A home carer can cook your meals and clean up the kitchen for you, or they can support you to continue preparing your own food if you enjoy cooking.

Companion Service

A decline in your balance and co-ordination can impact your confidence and leave you worried about having a fall when you go out. If you're not getting out as much as you'd like, consider using a home care service to provide companion care. Whether you want to go shopping, attend a social event or have a medical appointment, your carer can collect you and accompany you to ensure you remain safe and comfortable while out and about.

A home carer can be flexible in the care they provide, and when you select the home care company you want to work with, they will create a care plan with you to ensure your care needs are met. You can opt to have a carer visit your home once a day or several times a day and your care plan can be reviewed whenever you feel things need to be tweaked. If you'd like some support to retain your independence, speak to a few home care services, such as Simply Helping, in your local area to get a clearer idea of what they can offer you. 


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Support for wheelchair bound folks

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